Fique organizadoHow to deal with all the things we want to do to achieve our goals in life? The demands on our lives are increasing: we need to have several certifications, degrees, speak another language… and that’s only to get a job, once we land in a position we have to show results, learn other languages, take other certifications, learn other systems, processes and methodologies, and that’s only in the professional arena. How to juggle it all and achieve our goals? Two concepts can help us solve this equation: order and organization. Order is a dimension of time: doing things at the right time, organization is a dimension of space: having things in their proper place. Organization is perhaps the most difficult, but at the same time the easier: get your stuff separated in boxes, binders and labeled. Organization also seems to be more natural because we learn it at school in the sciences subjects that separate and classify animals, plants and atoms. Here are some tips to keep your things organized:

Organize your physical world: Don’t feel sorry to throw things away. Tell yourself that you’re making room for new things in your life. Do you want to enjoy life or to spend your time taking care of things you do not use?

Organize your mental world: Make a list of everything you have to do; you may want to organize by area: work, home etc. Decide what you want to do this week and on which day. The rest you forget about it … until next week when you establish the next priorities. This has the incredible power to free your brain from the task of constantly reminding yourself of everything you have to do and frees energy for you to accomplish what you have committed yourself to do in that day.

Order is perhaps the most difficult, although it is part of history; for instance, the motto “Order and Progress” is written in the Brazilian flag, an inspiration of followers of Comte, the French positivist philosopher who said: “Love is the beginning, the order is the basis and the progress is the goal.” Obviously, for him the motto did not have the political context is has today, positivism for him was simply a scientific concept which expressed the degree to which a phenomenon can be accurately determined and therefore positioned in relation to others, or ordered. This implies that you know what is important to you. Here’s a suggestion for you to put things in perspective, or in order:

Organize your Emotional / Spiritual world: What would you really do in life if you could do anything? What makes time stop for you? What leads you to a state of flux? Whatever the answer, it is the most important thing to you and, therefore, should be a priority in your order of things to do.

One cannot be productive without order and organization, at least not without going crazy. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said that only through discipline, chosen by your own will, you can enjoy life and keep it within the boundaries of reason. In other words: do not get mad, get organized.